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Feeding those that hunger. . .one seed at a time.
A Seed Planted
Welcome to A Seed Planted,
"We do not judge or discriminate. Every one will be fed. . .first the hungry starting from the Children, Mothers, Elderly and then the Men. After that we will feed the Schools that feed our children. Then we will move onto the Stores that feed our families."

           ~Brandon Stankewsky
A Seed Planted ® 

The mission of A Seed Planted started when my wife and I wanted to eat healthy but could not afford the organic/natural prices. We started to grow our own produce and wanted to sell the rest for extra income. That was until we realized that if we cannot afford this food how can people less fortunate than us afford it? We are fortunate in our lives, how can we forget the needs of others? Therefore, A Seed Planted was born. The life Philosophy of A Seed Planted is to give in every aspect and not to take in abundance. Everyone’s philosophies in life are different but if we can focus them on helping others we can change this world.